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A La Carte Tours

With Felix Tour you can imagine your own tour for several days in the South of France, as well as in other areas of France and Europe.

How ?

establish your tour on your own, or through a travel agency…and you really do what you want to.

inform us of your project and we establish an estimate for our services of transpor/guidance you should be pleasantly surprised by our fees.

transport you and your familly according to the tour you have planed…and you avoid both driving troubles and  drawbacks of group travels.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with travel agencies and tour operators
we work with, for booking your hotels, flights or trains...

Those "A la carte tours" can be focused on geographical areas or  specific themes  :

Regions and countries already visited :


-Provence- French Riviera

-South West of France-Toulouse



- Basque Country



-Alps-Mont Blanc


-Spain : Catalonia, Basque Country...

Themes :

- Culural tours

- Nature tours

- Gourmet tours :

- Wines

- Cheeses

- Great restaurants

- Sports tours :

- Following the Tour de France

- Amateur cycle Tour de France 

Don't hesitate to send us your projects for an estimate



Because FELIX TOUR is much more than a simple transport company, we will transport you according to our values.